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Just the One

Akechie Moya’s music is a uniquely eclectic blend of influences, from hip hop to HiLife, to jazz, to pop and RNB coming together to become a powerful, driving, danceable, and completely addictive blend that takes a hold and won’t let go.All tracks on the album have an irresistible power and drive that draws in the listener and submerges them in a truly exciting…more



The Time Has Come

Mayjasi can move it…!  That just says it all! Powerful crossrhythms that drag you to your feet…and before you know it, you’re moving it too!…more



Nii Amarh Amartey began his music career in Ghana as a drummer and backup singer in the early 1980’s with the band ZUUM.  At that time, ZUUM was widely regarded as a trailblazing group on the Ghanaian music scene.  ZUUM’s out of the ordinary stage performance made the band an instant hit with a younger generation just starting to develop a real appreciation for highlife music.


Morning Song

Naya is a fast-rising new voice on the African Gospel scene.  This album is a tribute to the strong faith and determination that has helped Naya overcome many obstacles in her private life to start her musical journey with this debut album.